Clem Borkowski Leads ASI Capital Forward Into Healthcare Sector

COLORADO SPRINGS – AUGUST 22, 2017 ASI Capital LLC, a private debt and equity firm based in Colorado Springs, CO, now offers accredited investors direct investments in private companies within the healthcare sector. Clem M. Borkowski is Managing Partner at ASI Capital. Mr. Borkowski has primary responsibility for strategic direction for all healthcare and operating entity transactions. He oversees the development, underwriting, due diligence, deal structure and asset acquisition strategies for all co-sponsorship investments. Clem Borkowski routinely does site visits and third party verifications on the companies and managers behind the ASI owned assets. In addition he handles all legal, regulatory compliance, and investor relations for ASI.

His hands-on, day-to-day leadership approach provides him the skills to troubleshoot potential issues and implement solutions-mitigating any negative impact on investment returns and asset values. His leadership skills have been integral to the development of all of the operating investments made to date.

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