Clem M. Borkowski is Managing Partner at ASI Capital. Mr. Borkowski has primary responsibility for strategic direction for all healthcare and operating entity transactions. He oversees the development, underwriting, due diligence, deal structure and asset acquisition strategies for all co-sponsorship investments. Clem Borkowski routinely does site visits and third party verifications on the companies and managers behind the ASI owned assets. In addition he handles all legal, regulatory compliance, and investor relations for ASI.

ASI Capital

ASI Capital offers Accredited Investors* an advantage with its actively managed private funds. In addition to finding investment opportunities that few investors have access to, ASI Capital offer funds that provide fixed returns with investments that help to diversify traditional investment portfolios.

But, it is important to note that ASI Capital places its fiduciary responsibility to investors as its first priority. “This is not a situation where investors have no idea what we invest in after they send their check. It’s a very transparent and straightforward process. And ASI Capital’s independent, third-party administrator handles incoming subscriptions along with complete reporting of our investments,” says Clem M. Borkowski, Managing Partner at ASI Capital.


Our management team has a proven track record of finding opportunities and providing potential foreseeable returns. Having the opportunity to invest in a private fund gives investors unprecedented access to the fund manager and team managing the investments. Though it is conceivable that an institution or individual could find and directly invest in similar private asset situations, it would be impractical due to the resources, expertise, and time required to effectively manage the investment.


With private funds, investors may have concerns about not receiving reports or having full disclosure of the asset schedule and the future of the fund. With ASI Capital’s private funds, you receive easy-to-understand reports including in-depth quarterly reports with a full schedule of investments. These reports are created and provided by our independent third-party fund administrator.

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